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Olympus Microscope SZX12 Stereo with Rotating Stage and Power Supply

$6,450 Used

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Product Specs

Olympus Microscope SZX12 Stereo with Brightfield/Darkfield and Power Supply

Olympus Microscope SZX12 Pod

.7 to 90 Zoom Range

DF PlanApo 1.2X PF (has scratch in paint but lens is in very good condition)

Built in Iris Diaphragm

FOF Fine and Coarse Focus (moves smoothly)

SZX-ILLB100 Base with OB 1.5X to OB 1-1.2X Base

Olympus rotatable POL stage in good condition (has paint scuff / shown in photo)

SZX-PO Filter Polarizer under stage

Optical Analysis Corp Ring light

Trinocular Head (0.5X camera adapter available)

WHS10X – 22/H Eyepieces

Additional Details

This microscope is in very good condition and has been serviced by an Authorized Olympus Microscope Service Technician.

This microscope will be packed by an Authorized Olympus Service Technician.