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How to change the bulb in a Olympus BHS Microscope (12V100W version)

Microscope Marketplace, a Place to Buy Used and Refurbished Microscopes (a Munday Scientific Company)

Olympus Microscope BX51 Bulb Replacement

How to add a U-TRU/U-TRUS to a BX series Microscope

How to Install a Fluorescent Illuminator on a BX Series Microscope

How to Replace the Bulb in a Leica CLS 150X

How to insert Olympus Microscope Superwide Eyepiece

How to change the bulb on a Nikon E400 Microscope

How to Clean a Microscope Eyepiece and Objective

How to Adjust the Tension on a BX Microscope Stage

How to Change the Bulb on a Olympus CX41

How to Change the Bulb on a E200

How to change the Bulb on a IX71

Olympus BX45 Disassembly and Assembly

How to set Kohler illumination

How to Adjust an Olympic Tension Ring

How to Move the Fine Adjustment Handle on a Olympus BX Microscope

The Difference Between Microscope Heads

How to Focus a Microscope Camera Adapter

Olympus IX Microscope Disassembly

Disassembling a Nikon Fluorescence Microscope

Olympus Fluorescence Microscope Head & Lamphouse Removal

Getting to know your Microscope

Olympus BX41 Front to Back Bridge Removal

Replacing the Bulb on a Olympus BX41

BX51 Lamphouse Removal

Disassembling a Multi-head Nikon Microscope

How to Pack an Olympus BX Microscope