Specialty Repairs

Microscope Specialty Repairs | Munday Microscope

Munday Scientific often goes beyond common repairs of broken microscopes and related equipment. Many of our clients request specialty repairs that require a deeper dive into the inner workings of the device. We can do a quick assessment through a conversation to diagnose the potential problem. Then the client can ship the equipment to us for specialized repair. In many cases, the repair can be turned around very quickly, helping our clients get back up and running in little time.

Olympus SZX9/12 zoom Belt Replacement
The Olympus SZX 9 and SZX12 are both fantastic and popular stereo microscopes.  But with time the belt that drives the zoom mechanism fails and breaks.  This part is discontinued, but we have found a replacement.  The average repair cost is about $500 including shipping and is usually returned to the customer within 5 business days of shipping.

Replacement for Olympus part# AD046400

Munday Scientific recommends following this procedure (see video) when shipping in your pod for repair.  We only require the Pod itself to make this repair.  Munday Scientific stocks Heads, Objectives and Stands to test the item properly.  This procedure will lower risks for shipping damage.  ALWAYS DOUBLE BOX your microscope when shipping and make sure that it is not loose in the box.  You shouldn’t be able to hear any movement with a gentle shake of the box.

Olympus BX40 Halogen to LED Stand Exchange Program

The Olympus BX40 Halogen Microscope is one of the flagship Olympus Microscope models. However the electronics are starting to fail due to age. There is a great solution from Nanodyne Systems and Munday Scientific. We are offering an exchange program for your broken BX40 Microscope. You can purchase a fully serviced Olympus BX40 Nanodyne Microscope stand with a like new focus mechanism. Once you receive the replacement, move over your objectives, head, eyepieces, condenser and stage. The microscope will then be like new. You can ship your old broken microscope back in the box you receive. We can include a prepaid shipping label for convenience. The average repair cost is about $1800 including shipping and the customer typically receives the replacement in 5 business days.