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Nikon Microscope Objective 100X phase contrast

Nikon Microscope Objective Plan 100x Oil Ph3 Phase Contrast

$608 Used

Used for Phase Contrast Applications on the following Nikon Models | E200, E400, E600, 50i, 55i, 80i, 90i, Ci, and Ni series microscopes

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Nikon Microscope Objective Plan 100x Ph3 Phase Contrast for Eclipse Series

100x/1.25 Oil
Ph3 DL
WD 0.17
25mm thread diameter
Part Number: MRL210903

Objective has some cosmetic wear on the exterior, otherwise it is in good condition.
Objective has been tested and produces a good image.

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This item has been tested by an Authorized Nikon Microscope Technician.

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