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Nikon Microscope E600 with DIC and Fluorescence

Polarized Light
$9,995 Used

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Product Specs

Nikon E600 Stand
Trinocular Head
0.55x Camera Adapter
Pair of CFI 10x/22 Focusing Eyepieces

4 Position Fluorescence Filter Illuminator
3 Filter Cubes: UV-2E/C DAP, FITC-HYQ, TRITC HYQ
Analyzer Slider Insert
3 Neutral Density Filter Sliders: N4, N8, N16
UV Shield

6 Position Nosepiece
3 Objectives:
Plan Fluor 10x/ 0.30 DIC L
Plan Apo 20x/ 0.75 DIC N2
Plan Fluor 40x/0.75 DIC M
3 DIC Prism Sliders: PF10, PF20, PF40

Right Hand Stage with Slide Holder
Universal Condenser C-CU

100W Mercury Lamphouse
Mercury Power Supply
12V 100W Halogen Lamphouse

Dust Cover
(2) Spare 12V 100W Bulb
(2) Line Cord

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This microscope is in good condition and has been serviced by an Authorized Nikon Microscope Technician.
This microscope will be packed by an Authorized Nikon Microscope Technician.
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