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Leica Microscope MZFLIII Fluorescence Stereozoom

$10,250 Used

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Product Specs

Plan Apo 1X objective

Motorized Coarse and Fine focus (Works great!)

Fluorescence Illuminator with cubes (GFP2, ET DsRED, and ZsYLP)

EXFO Illuminator adapter

EXFO X-Cite Power supply and Liquid light guide

0.8X to 10.0 Zoom range (moves great!)

Fluorescence light sheild

Leica KL 750 fiber optic power supply with light guide

Reflected light base

Glass plate and Flat white plate

Leica Trinocular Head

Leica 0.5X camera adapter

Leica 10X/21B eyepieces

Additional Details

This microscope has a crack in the left side of the pod (shown in photos). This is a cosmetic crack and does not effect the image or performance of the microscope.

This microscope has been tested and serviced by a Microscope service Technician. It is in very good working condition.