Solutions for Improved Microscope Ergonomics

Woman Viewing Microscope Slides

When workplace ergonomics comes to mind, most people will immediately think of their desk chair, computer keyboard and the height of their computer monitor. These are excellent examples of things that can be improved upon to make your work environment more comfortable. Anyone who uses a microscope for an extended period of time also knows it can be very fatiguing. Below is a list of simple ways you can improve the ergonomics of your microscope.

  • Modifications that can be made to your existing microscope:
    • Lower stage adjustments and fine focus control 
    • Adjusting the tilt head and the telescoping eyepieces
  • Microscope tables
    • Allow for closer body position and reduce strain on neck
  • Arm wedge supports 
    • Provide angled arm rests so arms are in a neutral and supported position when using stage and focus adjustments.

Simple changes like these can help to relieve pain and help to reduce the possibility of repeated stress injuries. Instead of ending your work day with aching wrists or a crick in your neck, you can end it just as pain free as you started.

Post By: Walker Kelly, 6-19-2020

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