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Zeiss AxioPlan 2 Imaging Microscope

Zeiss Microscope Axoiplan-2 Imaging Fluorescence and Motorized Stage

$14,990 Used

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Zeiss AxioPlan 2 Microscope Stand with 100W Halogen Lamphouse

Trinocular Head with Pair of Zeiss Pl 10X/25 Eyepieces

Intelligent Imaging Innovations Motorized Stage with Control Unit (Moves very well)

Zeiss 0.9 Motorized Flipout Condenser

Sutter Instruments Lambda 10-2 Fluorescence Control Unit with Power Supply Box (includes light guide and filters)

6 Place Zeiss Motorized Nosepiece

Plan Neofluar 2.5 / 0.075

Plan Apochromat 5X / 0.16

Plan Neofluar 10X/ 0.30

Plan Neofluar 20X / 0.50

Plan Neofluar 40X / 0.75

Plan Apochromat 63X / 1.4 Oil Ph3


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Other configurations available.  Please contact us with any questions.

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