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Olympus Microscope BH2 BH-2 5 Headed Teaching Microscope

$5,950 Used

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Product Specs

Olympus BH2 Microscope with 12V 100W Lamphouse (comes with 2 spare 12V 100W bulbs)

1 Trinocular Head with 10X/20 eyepieces

4 Fixed Heads with 10X/20 eyepieces
1.25 Abbe Condenser
Analyzer slider
Daylight blue filter
Pointer with power supply and new bulb
Right hand mechanical stage
Diagnostic Instruments 0.63X camera adapter
Line Cords included

5 Place nosepiece
Dplan 4X / 0.10      160/0.17 objective
Dplan 10X / 0.25    160/0.17 objective
Dplan 20X / 0.40    160/0.17 objective
Dplan 40X / 0.65    160/0.17 objective
Aplan 60X / 0.80    160/0.17 objective

Additional Details

Available with flipout condenser and 2X objective for Pathology use (Additional $750).
This microscope has been serviced by an Authorized Olympus service technician and is in good condition.
This microscope will be serviced by an Authorized Olympus service technician.