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Nikon E400

Nikon Microscope Eclipse E400 with Fluorescence

$5,995 Used

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Nikon E400 Stand
Binocular Tilting Telescoping Head
Pair of CFI 10x/22 Focusable Eyepieces

4 Place Fluorescence Turret
3 Cubes:
AC007 (UV)
G-2E/C (Green)
B-2A (Blue)

5 Place Nosepiece
3 Objectives:
Plan 10x/0.25
Plan Fluor 10x/0.75
Plan Fluor 100x/1.30 Oil

Right Hand Stage
Abbe 0.90 Condenser

100W Mercury Nikon Lamphouse
Nikon 100W Mercury Power Supply

2 Line Cords
Dust Cover
Spare 6V 30W Bulb

Additional Details

This microscope has been serviced by an Authorized Nikon Microscope Technician.
This microscope will be packed by and Authorized Nikon Microscope Technician.