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Diaphot 200

Nikon Microscope Diaphot 200 Phase Contrast with Camera Adapter

$4,950 Used

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Product Specs

Binocular Head with built in focusing telescope (helps align phase rings)

Diagnostic Instruments 3CCD T45C 0.45X Camera Adapter

Pair of CFWN 10X/20 Eyepieces

Phase Condenser A, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3

Blue Filter

Green Filter

Plan 4X/0.1
Plan 10X/0.30 Phase 1
20X/0.4 DL Phase 2
Nikon 12V 100W Power Supply

Additional Details

This microscope has been serviced by an an authorized Nikon Service Technician.
This microscope will be packed by an authorized Nikon Service Technician.