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Nikon 80i

Nikon Microscope 80i with Fluorescence

$9,995 Used

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Product Specs

Trinocular Head

Nikon 10X eyepieces

12V 100W Mercury Lamphouse (comes with new Ushio 103-D mercury lamp)

12V 100W Mercury Power Supply

12V 100W Halogen Lamphouse (comes with 2 spare 12V 100W bulbs)

Right Hand Mechanical Stage

6 Place nosepiece with 4 objectives
Plan Fluor 10X/0.30
Plan Fluor 40X/0.75
Plan Fluor 60X/0.85 with correction collar

Plan Fluor 100X/1.30

Abbe 0.90 condenser

3 Neutral Density filters

1 Cube: Chroma Cy3v1

Additional Details

The microscope has minor scuffs on the left side (shown in photos).

This microscope will be serviced by an Authorized Nikon Service Technician.

This microscope will be shipped by an Authorized Nikon Service Technician.