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Munday Scientific Instruments offers many used options for microscopes, objectives and parts. We have several fully serviced microscopes for sale. All microscopes have been serviced and tested by Authorized Olympus and Nikon service technicians.

We specialize in Pathology applications, including the following:
(Dermpath, Veterinary, Toxicology, Clinical, Anatomical, Forensic, Surgical Pathology, Autopsy, Molecular, Maxillofacial/oral, MOHS, Histopathology).

If you do not find what you are looking for in our online inventory, please submit a form under the Contact Us tab or give us a call. We have many other items in stock that are not listed.

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Nikon 60x
$750 Used

60x/1.40 Oil | more...

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Olympus Condenser
$125 Used

Model U-AC | 1.25 Numerical Aperture | more...

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6V 30W Lamphouse
$95 New

6V 30W | U-LS30-4 | more...

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Olympus Illuminator Set
$2,950 Used

Olympus Fluorescence Illuminator U-URA | more...

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Polarizing Condenser
$595 Used

Achromat NA 0.9 | more...

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$3,950 Used

12.5 Megapixel | more...

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Oympus Microscope Illuminator BX-URA2
$2,500 Used

Illuminator BX-URA2 | 6 Position Filter Turret | More...

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Left Handed Stage
$500 Used

For Olympus BX Model Microscopes | more...

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