Buy and Sell Lab Equipment

Buy and Sell Lab Equipment and Microscopes

Looking for someone to buy and sell lab equipment? If you decide you no longer have a need for your current microscope or lab equipment, give Munday Scientific a call! We specialize in Olympus and Nikon microscopes, and will offer you a fair price for your equipment. Consignment is also an option.

Reasons to Sell or Trade-In:

  • Save on storage cost
  • Turn unused items into capital
  • Upgrade an old or unused system
  • Trade in as credit toward service

We specialize but are not limited to:

Olympus Bridge Parts

Olympus BX40

Olympus BX41

Olympus BX45

Olympus BX43

Olympus BX46

Olympus BX50

Olympus BX51

Olympus BX60

Olympus BX61

Olympus IX50

Olympus IX51

Olympus IX70

Olympus IX71

Olympus IMT2

Olympus MX50

Olympus MX51

Olympus Objectives
(Plan, Plan Fluorite or Plan Apo)

Olympus SZX7

Olympus SZX9

Olympus SZX10

Olympus SZX12

Olympus SZX16

Olympus U-SC, U-SC2
and U-SC3 flipout condenser

Olympus U-TRU

Leica MZ6

Leica MZ7.5

Leica MZ9

Leica MZ12

Leica MZ16

Leica Objectives
(Plan, Plan Fluorite, Plan Apo)

Nikon Bridge Parts

Nikon E400

Nikon Eclipse CI-L

Nikon SMZ800

Nikon SMZ1500

Nikon 50i

Nikon 55i

Nikon 80i

Nikon Objectives
(Plan, Plan Fluorite, Plan Apo)

Nikon SMZ1000

Nikon SMZ-U

Nikon TE200

Nikon TE2000

Nikon TS100

Wild M3Z

Leica M8

Wild M5A

Zeiss Objectives
(Plan, Plan Fluorite, Plan Apo)

Wild M8